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A Typical Trip

The Team

Our teams are typically made up of the following integral pieces:
  • the pilot, and his four- or six-seat private airplane
  • the healthcare professional, with specializations from pediatrics, obstetrics and gynecology, nursing, ophthalmology, optometry or dentistry
  • a translator
  • a medical assistant or general volunteer

The Schedule

Typically, a group will leave early on a Thursday morning and travel for six or seven hours, stopping once en route.  On Thursday evening we setup our clinic, some of which are in homes or local buildings.  Electrical equipment is often powered by a portable generator, and we take a lot of duct tape with us.  We might also conduct an education session that evening for the village.

The following day we work the clinic, often a full 12 hours, and then on Saturday work for about another six hours before packing up.

Saturday night and part of Sunday are set aside for rest & relaxation after the hectic schedule. We might whale watch, dine on a beach, or rent fishing boats.  And then we fly home, invariably very gratified by our efforts and the response of our patients.

History of Baja California

Some of the Villages Served by Los Médicos Voladores, Truckee Chapter